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ShowJumperClinic.com is an educational website offering complete, unedited, "reality" training videos of international hunter & jumper riders, riding and lecturing on their horses in training as well as assisting their most dedicated students on their horses. We have selected some of the world's top internationally recognized hunter riders from the U.S. as well as showjumping riders and trainers from Germany, Holland, Belgium, USA and Canada and Brazil as well as other countries, and we follow them around the world with our cameras, taping "reality" training videos of them working in the privacy of their stables or on the show grounds, riding and lecturing on their horses in training or assisting their students. You can watch these training sessions from your computer and we feature new videos on a regular basis annouced by our Newsletter.

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How We Are Organized

ShowJumperClinic.com is separated into three sections featuring videos from the world's top hunter & jumper riders,
"Visit North American Trainers" and "Visit European Trainers" as well as  "Visit Hunter Trainers". Members have open access to all three sections of trainers as well as the Special Events section. We welcome you to become a member to ShowJumperClinic.com and watch educational training videos from both European, North American jumper riders as well as the top Hunter trainers working with their horses in training or assisting their students. 

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Watch Free Sample Videos

Please watch the various free sample videos offered from the home page of the site. If you can watch the Free Sample Videos on your computer, you will know that your computer is set up correctly to play video content from the internet. 

Cancellation of your membership is quick and easy, just send us an email through the Contact Uspage, tell us your first and last name, your Username and Password for ID let us have the name of the credit card used to sign up, your email address you used when you signed up and your membership will be cancelled within 24 hrs. of receipt with an email confirmation to you from us.

The Experience

ShowJumperClinic.com offers you the chance to see how young horses are worked and developed through the training levels by a variety of trainers, riders, coaches and teachers. Watch how showjumpers are brought from early training level stages, through the 1.20 meters stages, 1.35 meters, 1.40 meters and onwards to the 1.50 meter and 1.60 meter Grand Prix classes. Watch how leg yields, shoulder-ins and gymnastic excersises are used and slowly developed from a day to day routine training schedule. Watch some trainers slowly develop riders and their horses towards the International Grand Prix arena. Watch how some trainers teach horses the water jump and triple combinations.

It is a life long commitment of every showjumping rider to further and deepen his education and understanding of his horse and the sport he practices. What better opportunity can there be than being able to watch and learn from how other successful showjumper riders from around the world do it, from the comfort of your own home.