ShowJumperClinic Testimonials

Just to let you know, I've enjoyed your service and found it very helpful.
Also, I've recommended it to many of my friends who ride showjumpers.
Barbara Mueller (Rhode Island, USA)

I like very much the videos that I have seen and I find your idea excellent!
Marietta Almasy (Courbevoie, France)

You are the greatest and you do a great job for jumper riders and trainers.
Marius, Curteanu (Bucharest, Romania)

Greetings! I have completely enjoyed my membership and would like to share the impact on my outlook on training and how they have positively impacted my training. Is there a vehicle in place for that sort of 'sharing'? Hope So!
Leslie Burket (Chesterfield, Montana, USA)

I don't have a question, just a comment. When they find my body, starved, slumped over my desk, my computer still logged on to your site, you will know you were successful in creating "". THANK YOU!!!!!
Corine Peterson (Clovis, California, USA)
This is a fantastic site, and offers incredible opportunities for the advancement in the knowledge of showjumper for every rider.
Helen Renton

Just wanted to let you know, once again, what a great job you are doing! I am a trainer that has relocated to Phoenix after spending 2 years riding in Germany and I find the videos from Betsy and Steffen not only invaluable sources of information, but also inspirational. Keep up the good work!
Justine Wilson (Wrightwood, California, USA)

I enjoy the site a great deal.
Cynthia Mckim (ID, USA)

The company in general have great people skills. It goes a long way in the world and I hope you are well rewarded for it. Best to you.
Janine Behrens (Forestville, CA, USA)

I love the site and have watched everything a few times.
Naida Feldman (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

This is a great website!  I have learned a lot.
Carolyn Schofield (Fairport, New York, USA)

I loved your service...
Susan McAlpine (Kingman, Arizona, USA)

I want to thank you for the great customer service you offer to all of your online subscribers. I recently inquired about one of the videos featuring George Williams and the saddle he was using, and received a very prompt response. 
Maria Isabel Munoz (El Paso, Texas, USA)

The latest George Williams video is outstanding. Will that ever become available on DVD ? I am enjoying the site very much.....Anyway, I love the site and look forward to the upcoming spots.
Maureen Van Der Stad (East Hadden, CT, USA)

Thank you very much for including videos with riding & commentary by Volker Brommann. I love his attitude toward the horse & his description of his onging conversation with the horse.
John Harroun (San Diego, California, USA)

Thank you for your explanation regarding the videos!...I was very impressed with your response. I expected just a pat 'too bad for you' but whoever responded was actually concerned! What a lovely suprize! Thanks again.
Janine Behrens (Forestville, California, USA)

I am just emailing to confirm that I would like to cancel my membership to Thank-you for your wonderful service!
Kenneth Dyck (Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada)

Thank you very much for calling me (twice) to make sure that I had my User name & password correct: and to notice that I had not yet taken advantage of your wonderful web site. I am not used to such personal attention from an Internet company. Much appreciated!
John Harroun (San Diego, CA, USA)

I am a member and have watched nearly every video. Love It!
Lisa Ikteske
Thanks so much for this website... I am not able to see as much "ridden" showjumper Ias I would like and this has been such a great tool for my eyes...I have a coming seven Friesian Blood Horse...I love all the videos with ages similar to his  as they are great for comparison. Keep them coming!!!
Mikki Pietrantozzi (Twinsburg, Ohio, USA)

Thank you for your reply. I think your progam is SUPERB!
Marie-France Nolet (Loma Rica, California, USA)

By the way, this was an extrememly great video, I watched all four clips back to back.
I haven't given you any feedback since I subscribed, but I really think you have an excellent service. Thanks
Denise Perrotta(Trinity, Florida)

It's a great site... and I love Steffen Peters!!
Genevieve Brockway (Acton, MA)

By the way, is the greatest. I can't begin to tell you how much I learn from the videos. Thank you.
Caroline Brown (Grants Pass, Oregon)

What an opportunity to see the top riders ride their World Class horses with an explanation of their actions! I have learned so much on your website!
Cheryl Hollis

To those who are responnsible: just want to express my gratitude and appreciation for making the knowledge of these wonderful trainers available to those who are interested via this website. It is a bridge between myself and my dream that I have been needed for some time now. Thank You again, and never let it go!
Laurie Freeman (Goleta, California)