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Henk ven der Pol
What better way to enjoy life?

Henk ven der Pol<br>Riding & Lecturing<br>Quick Lauroz<br>by Quick Star<br>Oldenburg<br>11 yrs. old Stallion<br>Training: Grand Prix<br>Duration: 22 minutes

Henk ven der Pol
Riding & Lecturing
Quick Lauroz
by Quick Star
11 yrs. old Stallion
Training: Grand Prix
Duration: 22 minutes

VID: 5221

Henk ven der Pol<br>Riding & Lecturing<br>Rhodes<br>Belgium Warmblood<br>11 yrs. old Gelding<br>Training: Grand Prix<br>Duration: 32 mintues

Henk ven der Pol
Riding & Lecturing
Belgium Warmblood
11 yrs. old Gelding
Training: Grand Prix
Duration: 32 mintues

VID: 5885

Henk ven der Pol<br>Riding & Lecturing<br>Vasco de Laibrez<br>Belgium Warblood<br>7 yrs. old Gelding<br>Training: 1.35 meters<br>Duration: 23 minutes

Henk ven der Pol
Riding & Lecturing
Vasco de Laibrez
Belgium Warblood
7 yrs. old Gelding
Training: 1.35 meters
Duration: 23 minutes

VID: 5661