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Eric van der Vleuten
\"They always have to trust your hands, to take you in a forward direction. If they don\'t follow your hands, you never get a good jump.\" -Eric van der Vleuten

Eric van der Vleuten<br>Assisting<br> Micheal Vleuten<br>Vigo<br>KWPN<br>3 yrs. old Stallion<br>Training: Training Level<br>Duration: 27 minutes

Eric van der Vleuten
Micheal Vleuten
3 yrs. old Stallion
Training: Training Level
Duration: 27 minutes

VID: 5221

Eric van der Vleuten<br>Assisting<br>David van der Vleuten<br>"Verdi"<br>by: Quidam de Revel<br>KWPN 4 yrs.old Stallion<br>Training: 1.20 meters<br>Duration:27 minutes

Eric van der Vleuten
David van der Vleuten
by: Quidam de Revel
KWPN 4 yrs.old Stallion
Training: 1.20 meters
Duration:27 minutes

VID: 1122007

Eric van der Vleuten<br>Assisiting<br>Michael Vleuten<br>Colina<br> Out of Kantos<br>KWPN 5 yrs. old Mare<br>Training: 1.25 meters<br>Duration: 28 minutes

Eric van der Vleuten
Michael Vleuten
Out of Kantos
KWPN 5 yrs. old Mare
Training: 1.25 meters
Duration: 28 minutes

VID: 3213

Eric van der Vleuten<br>Riding & Lecturing<br>Owendal<br>Out of Eowa<br>Swedish Warmblood<br>9 yrs. old Mare<br>Training: International Level<br>Duration: 26 minutes

Eric van der Vleuten
Riding & Lecturing
Out of Eowa
Swedish Warmblood
9 yrs. old Mare
Training: International Level
Duration: 26 minutes

VID: 5622

Available on DVD No.16<br>Eric van der Vleuten<br> Riding and Lecturing<br> Oklund<br>KWPN "Approved"<br>10 yrs. old<br> Training: International Grand Prix<br> Duration: 38 minutes

Available on DVD No.16
Eric van der Vleuten
Riding and Lecturing
KWPN "Approved"
10 yrs. old
Training: International Grand Prix
Duration: 38 minutes

VID: 3142007

Eric van der Vleuten<br>Assisting<br>Michael Vleuten<br>5 yrs. old Mare<br>by: Baloubet du Rouen<br>Training: 1.20 meters<br>Duration: 31 minutes

Eric van der Vleuten
Michael Vleuten
5 yrs. old Mare
by: Baloubet du Rouen
Training: 1.20 meters
Duration: 31 minutes

VID: 12162006

Eric van der Vleuten<br>Riding & Lecturing<br>Pamira<br>KWPN<br>8 yrs. old Mare<br>Training: Small International Tour<br>Duration: 28 minutes

Eric van der Vleuten
Riding & Lecturing
8 yrs. old Mare
Training: Small International Tour
Duration: 28 minutes

VID: 4774

Eric van der Vleuten<br>Riding & Lecturing<br>Saforet<br>by Lord Lapanto<br>Holsteiner<br>7 yrs. old<br>Training: 1.35 - 1.40 meters<br>Duration: 27 minutes

Eric van der Vleuten
Riding & Lecturing
by Lord Lapanto
7 yrs. old
Training: 1.35 - 1.40 meters
Duration: 27 minutes

VID: 11282006